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Belote:Fisher PicAubry made our wedding absolutely wonderful!  From the planning to the actual wedding, I never had to worry about a thing! I was in school and didn’t have too much time to focus on the wedding planning, which was fine, because Aubry was on top of every single thing. When the wedding finally got here, she coordinated the whole thing without a flaw. She made sure that everything was how I wanted it. She communicated with the vendors, put my play list together for the reception, coordinated the reception, made sure that the ceremony ran smoothly, and made sure that I was happy. She made me and my husband the priority. She even made sure that we ate at our reception haha! She had a booklet that she handed out to the wedding party that told us the schedule, the addresses to the different places we were supposed to be at, and she even put together an emergency kit! Which came in handy! She even thought as far as to make sure that we were all fed while we were getting ready. She is the best at the job and we are so so thankful that we had her! 


Winter Wonderland

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Evergreen Events made my wedding day more than perfect! Aubry met with me multiple times before wedding day to talk logistics and timeline. We texted often about things I needed to get done and she was always offering to help. She even came on the day of my bridals to help out! Our wedding day weather was questionable, but the girls kept everyone calm and on schedule. Everything ran like clock work and both coordinators were available and ready to help at all times. We couldn’t have made it through our wedding planning and day without them!

My Perfect Day